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Resources: Usability in the Real World

Promoting Your Usability Business

If you have to sell your services, these resources focus on marketing and promoting a usability business. This page contains resources that focus on the usability company or consultancy.

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UXPA Articles and Presentations

  • What to Do When a Prospective Client Doesn't Respond to Your Proposal. Ilise Benun. UPA Voice, August 2005
  • How to Create a Winning Tagline. Ilise Benun. UPA Voice, June 2005
  • Tips for Negotiating. Carolyn Snyder. UPA Voice, April 2005
  • Using email to promote usability. Ilise Benun. UPA Voice, February 2004
  • Being Blue in a Green World - Tomer Sharon. User Experience Magazine, Spring/Summer 2003
    Top 10 survival techniques for a sole usability expert
  • Promoting yourself and usability: Which comes first? Ilise Benun. Presented at the UPA 2002 conference.
    Ilise Benun provides tips for making connections both internally and externally, and on promoting usability itself.
  • Selling usability. Joe Grant. Retrieved December 2, 2002, from Gateway Chi Web site: http://www.acm.org/chapters/gatewaychi/presentations/selling_usability.ppt
    This presentation shows how Joe Grant uses sales techniques for promoting and selling usability.
  • Lessons Learned: Looking at Both Sides. Chauncey E. Wilson User Experience Magazine, Summer 2002
    What one usability professional's experience as a development manager taught him--and how it could benefit you.
  • What Business Are You In? The Importance of Strategic Usability. Jeffrey Rubin User Experience Magazine, Winter 2001
    The strategic role of usability professionals in the "new economy" world.

Tools for Selling

  • Questions to Ask Your Usability Supplier. UK-UPA Chapter
    This booklet presents questions to ask a usability company, and suggests what makes a good answer. Good preparation for your next proposal presentation.

Marketing Web Sites

  • The art of self-promotion
    This site offers promotional tips, including articles and other Web resources. You can also sign up for the Quick Online Marketing Tips e-mail newsletter.
  • Marketing Sherpa
    Resource that publishes useful news, case studies, and best practices data about
    internet and integrated marketing.
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