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Print Magazines

Online Publications


  • First Monday
    An online peer-reviewed journal
  • For a good list of academic journals, see the HCI Index's list of Publications

Blogs and Newsletters

These personal web logs (blogs) and company newsletters range from online journals to list of articles to compilations of lists of personal favorite links.

Email Lists and Communities

These online communities are home to lively discussions on topics closely or loosely related to usability.

Other lists include a number of discussion groups targeted to specific topics.

  • U-PODS
    Usability Manager's Support Group
  • Recruiting Issues
    Share tips and tricks for usability recruiting and solve problems for group members
  • UE Managers
    Usability and user experience managers
  • Experience Design
    Informal discussion group led by Paula Thornton
  • SUI
    Speech user interfaces hosted by Todd Chapin

For more lists, see the HCI Index page on Newsgroups and Mailing Lists

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