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User Experience Magazine: Winter 2002


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Volume 1
Number 3

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  • What's Love Got to Do With It?

Why emotions and aspirations matter in person-centered design.
by Ross C. Teague and Hunter X. Whitney

  • Instructive Interaction

Making interfaces self-teaching means following the principles of anticipatory learning, explorability, predictability and guidance.
by Larry L. Constantine and Lucy A. D. Lockwood

  • Imagining the New Computing

Human needs and the new computing technologies.
by Ben Shneiderman

  • Return on Investment for Usable UI Design

Examples and statistics help make the case for usable user interfaces. It's smart business.
by Aaron Marcus
Additional Resources

  • Glucose Monitor Evaluation

An easy-to-use handheld device makes life better for diabetics.
by Brian K. Smith

  • B2B Is Really People2People

Can "mom and pop" teach business how to improve the customer experience?.
by Susan K. Andros

  • Book Review: Built for Use

If you want to obtain management support of user-centered design, read Karen Donoghues's Built for Use .
Reviewed by Scott E. Schoeling

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