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Voice your opinion

Jon Dodd

UPA Voice editorial team

A call to action:

The Internet is interactive, right? And this is web newsletter so it should be interactive too - or so we think.

We would like to hear your opinions and your views. And while we would love to contribute an article off your own backs, we also realise that with incessant pressures of our industry your motivation for doing something extra is sometimes lacking.

So each issue we shall propose a topic and invite contributions based around that topic. The submissions we get will then be published in the following issue. What we are looking for are opinion/thought pieces of less than 500 words. Perhaps more than you would hastilly bash off to your favourite mailing list, but not some major thesis.

We provide the topic for this issue below, but welcome suggestions for topics to be considered in the future. So keep your eyes on what is getting people engaged, excited and/or enraged and let us know about it.

To set the ball rolling...

How to we promote what we do to those that hold the purse strings?

Some thoughts to get you going (my own):

  • We need to do some usability of our usability
  • We need to reduce the time talking to each other and increase the time talking to the types of people who employ us
  • Forget your technical, computer and psycho babble - talk simple English (or your preferred language), talk marketing, talk business
  • Use gimmics to get through the front door - then start on the serious stuff
Send us your views ( - and/or suggest a topic.
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