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Parting Thoughts…

Elizabeth Rosenzweig

UPA President

I have enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to serve UPA over these last three years, and I look forward to continuing on the UPA Board in the capacity of Co-Director of Outreach.

As my term of President of UPA comes to a close, I'd like to share my thoughts about where UPA is now and where I see us going. During the last few years, UPA has made some major changes in our staff. We are better for it, and our office and conference planning is more efficient then ever. We have kicked off some initiatives for Outreach, Chapters, a new website and launched a new magazine. We have also been hit with budget tightening at UPA and seen less jobs for our members out in the world.

UPA shares the difficulties that the rest of the world has in terms of economic hardships. As a result, we are looking carefully at how we spend our money and how to keep our budget in the black. We are kicking off a Membership campaign and some new Outreach activities. I am excited about the possibilities that the next few years have to offer us. We have challenges to overcome, and I am sure we will rise to meet them.

UPA stands in an important place in our industry. We are well equipped to be the advocate for people in the development of new technology. Technology only works when it is useful and when it can help people get things done.

I recently attended seminars at MIT and saw some stimulating presentations for technical developments that help people who are physically challenged. These included a new prosthesetic device, developed at MIT for paraplegics and quadriplegics, so that they can walk, run and function like someone with a biological limb. This opens up huge areas of ability for people who are physically challenged. This prompted someone to say, "Technology has the ability to heal."

I like that image of technology and see wonderful opportunities for our members to be part of teams that develop work that enhances our lives. We have a lot to be proud of. I look forward to many more years of working together and creating a wonderful and strong UPA community.

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