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Patricia Glennon

UPA Voice editorial team

Have you met Allen Mayse ? Whether you realize it or not, if you are a member of the UPA, you probably have. Answering questions, responding to e-mails, and maintaining membership lists are just a few of the things Allen does at the UPA office.

Allen Mayse


So What Does Allen Do?

His official title is Member Services Manager . He is highly involved in the day–to-day activities of the UPA, and has worked with the organization for over a year.


Allen answers any e-mail that comes to the UPA. This is no small task! On average, the UPA receives approximately 150 e-mail messages per week, ranging from general membership questions, to requests for consultant listings and information about job postings. He also sends out any monthly mailings such as new member packets and membership renewal notices. He is also responsible for posting the job and consultant listings on the UPA website.


Allen is the main contact for Chapter business at the UPA office. On a monthly basis, he distributes member lists and member demographic information to the Chapters. He responds to any special information requests from the Chapters. Allen also assists with the implementation of special Chapter programs like the $100 UPA Store discount and the Chapters Grant program.


Allen is currently creating a database for keeping track of submissions for the 2004 UPA Conference. He is responsible for sending out the acceptance/rejection letters for the submissions.

Voice Team

Allen is an important contributor to the success of the all-volunteer Voice editorial team. Not only does he schedule the bi-weekly conference calls, but he attends and distributes meeting minutes as well! He also frequently takes follow-up items from the meeting.

Board of Directors

Allen attends the Board of Directors monthly meetings , capturing and distributing meeting minutes. He also takes on special research requests for the Board as needed. For example, he has run special membership queries, researched book publishers, and contacted vendors at the request of the Board.


The Professional Side of Allen Mayse …

Allen has a BBA in Business Management from Southwest Texas University . He began working for Solutions for Associations, Inc (SFA), an association management company based out of Bloomingdale , Illinois , in November of 2000. He started with SFA as a Customer Service Manager and worked primarily with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. He has previously worked for Little Caesars Pizza as an assistant manager and at Best Western as a desk clerk.

And on the Personal Side…

Allen is a passionate cook , making all kinds of food including Italian, American, Mexican, Chinese and Thai. Perhaps Allen will treat us to some samples at the UPA conference next year? He is also in an amateur pool/billiards league . His team has made it twice to a Chicago-wide billiards tournament, placing 9 th overall.

So How Do I Contact Allen?

To contact Allen for membership issues, chapter issues, or with general questions about the association:

•  E-mail:

•  Phone: (630) 980-4997


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