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Volume 5   Issue 2   July 2003



This Issue's Articles:

From the UPA president
   By Elizabeth Rosenzweig


Shneiderman tape will be available to UPA chapters

   By Richard Bellaver
Leonardo’s Laptop author and HCI expert Ben Shneiderman spoke at UPA meeting in Indianpolis (USA). UPA Professional Development is making a 30 minute video of the talk available to all chapters for their use at meetings. Find out how to get a copy, more about Leonardos laptop and more about Ben.


Introducing UPA local chapters
Find out what a chapter is, how you can form one, and about chapter grants.


Local chapter news

A new regular feature. This issue: news from the German chapter and 2 Texas chapters    


Contribute to the Voice

A plea to share your wisdom by submitting articles to the voice. Basic guidelines to help you on your way.    


UPA Voice - every 2 months from now on.

After a regrettable absence, this is the re-emergence of the new voice. It's currently wearing old clothes but will be further developed (content wise and visually) in future issues. The Voice will be produced every 2 months, with the primary aim of keeping us in some sort of contact with each other. In particular we are devoting space every issue to chapter news - an important way for us to connect with usability colleagues from aroung the world.

Comments, contributions, criticisms very welcome - email the editorial team.

In the next issue:

  • Reports from UPA 2003.
  • How to coordinate a mini-UPA conference in your chapter.
  • The why and how of an effective workshop.
  • Introducing the voice editorial team.
  • More chapter news.
  • ...your contributions.