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Update from World Usability Day: November 10, 2011

Educations: Designing for Social Change

Elizabeth Rosenzweig

Elizabeth Rosenzweig is the founder and executive director of World Usability Day.

World Usability Day event planners are registering new events every day. Given the political climates in Egypt, Iran and Rwanda we are especially excited that there are events scheduled in these three countries.

Welcome to countries from Africa and the Middle East.

Egypt's event will be held in Cairo and will focus on this year's theme: Education - Designing for Social Change. Iran's event will be held in Tehran. Rwanda will hold its event in Kigali. The Rwandan conference was planned by Emmanuel Bambanza, CEO of HOSTHOLIK Ltd. The program is titled "Usability as a Pillar for Project Success." Products developers, graphics designers from different fields and organizations (i.e. arts, food and beverages processing industries) web and software developers are invited to participate. Visit the World Usability Day website to get more details.

Registered Countries and Events.

The U.S. has the greatest number of events registered with five (5), Germany a close second with four (4) and Brazil has registered three (3). Thus far 18 countries are represented and 29 events are planned. We have a long way to go and not much time left. If you are planning an event, be sure to register it so we can help you promote it! Register here.

World Usability Day events are scheduled for North America, South America, Europe, and Africa.

Partner Events

Don't miss your opportunity to become a World Usability Day Partner Event. The deadline is September 15. As a partner event you get to share a 2 - 5 minute video on the WUD website. We will promote you and your local sponsors with links posted on the WUD home page, an outline of your event will be included in the WUD e-newsletter and we will promote you via Twitter, Facebook, LinkeIn and the UPA monthly newsletter, "The Voice." To apply download the application and send it to WUD@usabilityprofessionals.org no later than September 15. Check out the events page to see what the competition is doing. We will contact you on the 16th if you have been selected as a partner event. Good luck! Remember, no more than two events per country will be selected so get your application in today!

WUD e-newsletter

This year World Usability Day is distributing an e-newsletter so you can stay current with every thing about WUD. BUT, in order to get the newsletter you must opt-in. There will be two newsletters in September, two in October, two in November and one in December. Don't miss out . . . you, along with hundreds of other readers may even read about your event. Opt in now.

THANK YOU to our Sponsors

We couldn't organize World Usability Day without the generosity of our Sponsors. Many thanks to our most recent sponsors: Normal Modes, Elsevier, TechSmith, Axure, Oho Interactive and Fleet Walker Productions. Please think of these companies when you are doing business.


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