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September 2011 Contents

The Tyranny of Change: How to Give Your Audience a Voice in Their Ever-Changing World

In 2004, in a Scientific American article titled The Tyranny of Choice, Barry Shwartz posited a counterintuitive argument about the effects of having too many choices (e.g. do we need 38 different kinds of milk?). He questioned why "people are increasingly unhappy even as they experience greater material abundance and freedom of choice? Recent psychological research suggests that increased choice may itself be part of the problem."

By Ronnie Battista

Going on now: the 2011 UPA Salary Survey

We have just completed the fifth installment of UPA's semi-annual Salary Survey and we're happy to report that we had 1345 respondents! The UPA rolls out the survey every two years to help our members to identify trends in hiring, practice, tool usage, and methodology.

By Rich Gunther

Democracy, the Internet, and the Health of the World: What's Changed?

In 2008, a study conducted with 52 New Zealand-based non-profit organizations concluded that thought-leaders envisioned the possibilities afforded by the Internet and social media but had not yet reaped the benefits of that potential.

By Chris Hass

What Is it like to be a UPA Board of Directors Member?

I am writing about my experience as the Director of Professional Development on the UPA Board of Directors for the past three years. In doing so, I hope to inspire some of our current UPA members to consider their candidacy during our next election cycle.

By Robert Skrobe

The UX Planner

Business and people can suffer due to a lack of planning and vision and/or the time to dedicate to planning and vision. UX can also suffer as UX Management and teams are spread too thinly on projects where they are not providing the right value to match the available skill sets on the team. Sometimes UXers are simply working on the wrong projects. Sometimes the UX Manager has to wear a number of hats including (but not limited to) - finance, sales, people management, project management - adding to the problem.

By Daniel Szuc and Josephine Wong

Update from World Usability Day: November 10, 2011

World Usability Day event planners are registering new events every day. Given the political climates in Egypt, Iran and Rwanda we are especially excited that there are events scheduled in these three countries.

By Elizabeth Rosenzweig

Volunteering @UPA - Seven Benefits that Might Pay Off

Ever thought about volunteering @UPA? If yes, I would encourage you to do so.

By Silvia Zimmermann

President's Corner

UPA International Awards 2011

On behalf of the UPA International, I'm proud to introduce the UPA award winners for 2011.

By Silvia Zimmermann

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