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Silvia Zimmermann

Silvia is the President of UPA International.

The Usability Professionals' Association (UPA) proudly held its first UPA Asia Summit on 17th February 2011 in Hong Kong.

With over 56 chapters already worldwide, the UPA is still growing strong in different regions around the world. With an ever-increasing presence across the globe, there are plenty of reasons for the UPA to reach out to their local membership in Asia as well as the other regions in which the UPA is currently virtually present:

  • UPA Europe
  • UPA North America
  • UPA South America

Continuing this tremendous success, the UPA's International Board of Directors approved the UPA Regional Strategy in May 2010. The goal of the strategy is to assist local membership growth using better and faster regional membership support. Our vision foresees local regional offices who will work very closely with the UPA Headquarters in Chicago to make this happen.

As part of this exciting progress the International Board of Directors also approved the UPA Asia Pilot, which is running from June 2010 to June 2011. The outcome of this pilot should provide us with some clarity about the viability of the following ideas:

  • Regional Board (Members from various regional countries)
  • UPA Asia office in Hong Kong
  • Regional UPA conferences in Asia
  • Regional membership support models
  • A business plan for the Asia region

Consequently, the goal of our first UPA Asia Summit is to bring those in leadership of the region together in order to discuss all possibilities as a potential local team. As part of our continuing international development, the UPA Board of Directors appointed Mr. Jason Huang, President of UPA China, to the UPA International Board to represent the Asia region, and to lead all local efforts on our behalf. Please join me in congratulating Jason on this outstanding achievement.

The success of our presence in Asia is not only dependent on a single person, but subject to a close inter-regional collaboration and exchange. I therefore kindly invite you to actively join our global strategic initiative and our discussions around it today. Your voice counts!

I wish you an inspiring and fruitful UPA Asia Summit. May all of our dreams and visions come true.

ONE team working towards ONE vision.

Silvia Zimmermann


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