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Regional Coordinator Elections and a New Chapter

Carol Smith

Carol is the UPA Treasurer and Director of Chapters and Lead Consultant at Midwest Research, LLC.

The UPA held elections for Regional Coordinators a few weeks ago. For the first time both UPA local chapter members and UPA-I (UPA International) members were invited to vote for their Region's Coordinator. This was to ensure that the elected representatives were chosen by their local community. Congratulations to the UPA's newly elected Regional Coordinators:

Regional Coordinators have three key responsibilities to:

  • Represent regional Chapter and UPA-I members
  • Represent UPA in the region
  • Collaborate with other Regional Coordinators

Please contact your Regional Coordinators to get help with your chapter, convey information to UPA leadership, and to learn more about the UPA. Thank you to everyone who participated in this election!

We were especially excited to see such a strong response from our new chapters in South America. We continue to add more chapters and Istanbul, Turkey joins the UPA as our newest chapter! Congratulations to Koray Yitman and the rest of the leaders there. Koray also wrote an article in this issue of the Voice to help us all learn more about the area.


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