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Regional Coordinator Spotlight

Michele Visciola

Michele is the 2010 Regional Coordinator for Europe. He has worked in the usability field since 1987 and is the President of Experientia based in Turin, Italy. He was the Conference Chair for the first UPA Europe Conference in 2008.

I would like first of all to thank you all for being interested in the professional growth of our community in Europe. I will be the very first elected Regional Coordinator in Europe and would like to start talking with you about possible initiatives that may improve our capability to discuss the themes that are more of interest for the European reality.

Among the activities that I would like to promote, let me share one in particular: I believe that we need to anticipate trends which may result in a more attractive positioning of our association among young professionals. So let's work together to include young practitioners in our debate.

In Europe we have a large diversity of cultures and languages, which can enrich the debate in our community and increase our understanding of local constraints. I believe that we have to respect this diversity and value it as much and often as we can. This will represent a specific perspective that we, from Europe, can propose with some credibility to the other UPA regions. We work in a highly connected world where global values and practices need to be harmonized with local ones.

I will need and encourage your support and help in coordinating our regional activities and plans.

Let's stay in touch and please do not hesitate to call me anytime you think your Regional Coordinator can help in addressing our members' proposals and concerns.


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