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Istanbul and Usability

Koray Yitmen

Koray is the President of the Istanbul Chapter of the UPA and Managing Partner at BA-Works in Istanbul, Turkey.

Istanbul, a great city with its 12 million residents and a hub of millions of business professionals and tourists, may need usability and its reflections on its every corner more than any other city in the world.

Now we have the happy end after a long process as Istanbul has been accepted as the newest chapter of 2010 to UPA. As the cultural capital of Europe for 2010 and capital of many nations in history, Istanbul and its culture, iwith the help of UPA, will make a profound effect on the usability world.

We gave a start to this effect by supporting TestIstanbul Conference to be held on May 6-7 in Istanbul, Turkey. TestIstanbul conference is one of 2010's most important global events in the region (South East Europe, Middle East, CIS Countries, North Africa). The motto of the conference is Software Testing: The Quality Bridge Between Business and IT.

We believe that usability and usability testing are the most important piers of this bridge. So let us build this bridge together by taking part in this conference either by submitting a paper or attending the conference. By this small introduction, we would like to say again "Hello" to the world of usability and hope to see you in Istanbul just before the UPA conference in Munich.


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