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April 2010 Contents

UPA 2010: Soak up the latest thinking in UX (and a little Bavarian sunshine)

Bavaria this May will be a fabulous place. Could that be because the end of spring will herald in warm weather, perfect for visiting the Englischer Garten in Munich, or hiking through the Alpine foothills in search of the Disney-esque Neuschwanstein castle?

By Filip Healy

UPA 2010: What's in store? 5 talks you might be interested in!

With the 2010 UPA International conference less than two months away, it's a good time to get the word out about the exciting things you can learn by taking part this year. The theme is "Embracing Cultural diversity- User Experience Design for the World".

By Filip Healy

Changes at UX Magazine

The past few months have seen several changes at UX Magazine. Aaron Marcus stepped down as Editor-in-Chief of UX after serving five years in that role, but continues as Editor-in-Chief emeritus. In addition, two long-standing members of the Editorial Board; Martha Sippel and Tomer Sharon have moved on to pursue other interests. We thank them for their contributions to UX.

By Chris Koster

User Friendly 2009: Design in Asia

In November 2009, the UX community of China gathered in Shanghai for User Friendly 2009, the sixth User Friendly event. The theme for this conference was "Design in Asia," a hot topic as China looks to shift thinking from "made in China" to "created in China." Keynotes included Jared Spool (UIE), Bill Moggridge (IDEO) and Marc Rettig (Fit and Associates).

By Daniel Szuc and Josephine Wong

World Usability Announces 2010 Theme: Communications

Communications is the theme for World Usability Day 2010. "World Usability Day 2010 will serve as an impetus to creating greater awareness for designs, products and services that improve and facilitate communications around the world," says Elizabeth Rosenzweig, founder of World Usability Day (WUD).

By Elizabeth Rosenzweig

President's Corner

UPA 2.0 - A New Horizon Part III

After our last year's strategic re-alignment of our vision, mission, goals and objectives the UPA board was approving the "ONE membership" approach in January 2010, one of our 2009 key strategic initiatives. Historically, the UPA has failed to unite their membership under one common UPA umbrella.There are many members of various local chapters who pay dues and fees, if applicable, to the local chapter, but they are not members of the UPA. As a result, they cannot take advantage of the benefits of being an affiliated member of the UPA, which include access to online sources, publications, and discount programs. By approving the "ONE membership" approach, the UPA leadership confirmed their vision towards the unified UPA membership. The UPA is now defining all necessary operational steps to put this motion into action.

By Silvia Zimmermann

Leadership Corner

UPA Code of Conduct Update

There is a new stir in the news about Enron. The CEO is trying to get out of jail. There was a much more violent stir seven years ago before he was put in jail. That stir helped us get the professionals of UPA into thinking about ethics and a need for our Code of Conduct. I helped get the Code enacted and along with Janice James, Rolf Molich, James Needham, and Charlotte Schwendeman formed the Advisory Committee. All Committee members also helped write this article.

By Richard Bellaver

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