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Changes at UX Magazine

Chris Koster

Chris is the Managing Editor of UX Magazine.

The past few months have seen several changes at UX Magazine. Aaron Marcus stepped down as Editor-in-Chief of UX after serving five years in that role, but continues as Editor-in-Chief emeritus. In addition, two long-standing members of the Editorial Board; Martha Sippel and Tomer Sharon have moved on to pursue other interests. We thank them for their contributions to UX.

On a more positive note, J.O. Bugental and Aga Bojko, who have been active members of the Editorial Board, have accepted the position of Associate Managing Editors. Their contributions will result in a high quality magazine for UPA members.

We also welcome several new members to the Editorial Board; Will Sansbury, Craig Tomlin, Paul Linton, and Ellyn Hassell who will also be content editors. A list of the complete Editorial Board is on the UPA web site. UX is always looking for UPA members, including international members, who are interested in joining the Editorial Board. If you are interested please send e-mail to ux@upassoc.org.

Coming Soon in UX Magazine

The editorial board is currently working on three future issues of UX Magazine.

Whitney Quesenbery is the guest editor for Issue 9.2 of UX which will focus on "Usable Accessibility," a topic that all UX professionals should be aware of. The issue will be in the mail in mid May.

We are currently finalizing articles for UX Issue 9.3 which will be published in August. This issue will cover a range of topics including articles on a touch screen UI and using social media for research.

Work has just started on Issue 9.4. The issue theme is Communications, which will also be the theme for World Usability Day in 2010. Article proposals are due on May 3, 2010. Also in the works is an issue on UX and children. This will be the first issue of UX in 2011. The guest editor is Cynthia Kamishlian.

Authors who are interested in submitting article proposals for these or any future issue of UX should send e-mail to ux@upassoc.org. We welcome submissions from around the world that cover a wide variety of topics of both local and international interest. Additional information about submitting articles can be found on the UX web page http://upassoc.org/upa_publications/user_experience/editorial/index.html.

UX Magazine Survey

UX is constantly striving to provide high quality articles that are of interest to practitioners and helps them to keep up with the ever-changing methods and technologies used by UX professionals and perhaps even provide a bit of inspiration or insight.

UX is preparing a short on-line survey to obtain feedback from UPA members on the content and format of UX Magazine. Member feedback is essential in shaping the future of UX Magazine. Expect to see an e-mail about the survey in a few weeks and please take a few minutes to complete the survey when it arrives in your inbox.

We always want to hear our reader's responses to the articles in the magazine. If you have any comments or suggestions for the magazine please e-mail them to ux@upassoc.org. Letters to the editor are also welcome and may be published in a future issue of the magazine.


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