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Migrating a Corporate Intranet to SharePoint

Before 2008, Sharepoint was a tool I had to use during a short stint at a very large company a few years prior, and a distant memory. Then my current employer decided that we should evaluate SharePoint 2007, and soon after, that our Intranet be "migrated" to SharePoint. Since I worked solely on Intranet applications, this project became a large part of my day-to-day life as a Usability Specialist.

By Jen Hocko

Ergonomics in Design Welcomes Submissions

Ergonomics in Design (EID) focuses on how human factors/ergonomics (HF/E) and usability research and methods are applied in the design, development, prototyping, test and evaluation, training, and manufacturing processes of products, systems, tools, and environments to improve their safety and usability.

By Lois Smith

UPA 2.0 - Looking back at a successful first year

What an exciting year at UPA headquarters! The UPA Board of Directors and the entire executive board are looking back at an extremely busy but fruitful year filled with excitement and experiences covering all ends of the spectrum.

By Silvia Zimmermann and Dan Szuc

World Usability Day 2009

World Usability Day (WUD) 2009, "Designing for a Sustainable World", was a huge success with 146 events in a record 44 countries. The Usability Professionals' Association, primary sponsor of WUD, is proud of the worldwide growth and participation of tens of thousands of people for the fifth annual World Usability Day.

By Elizabeth Rosenzweig

New UPA Web Site Coming Soon

UPA's web site will have a new look and feel in the next two to three months, and this article explains the goals and process of the redesign. The new look and feel is just one part of a long-term project to improve the user experience of the UPA web site.

By Amanda Nance

Thumbnail: Aaron Marcus

User experience (UX) is inherently a multi-disciplinary field, and most UX practitioners use both sides of their brains as a matter of course. Some, however, do so more than others. Aaron Marcus is just one of those practitioners.

By Cliff Anderson

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