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UPA 2010 - Welcome to Munich!

Jakob Biesterfeldt and Filip Healy, Co-Chairs for the UPA International Conference 2010

Jakob Biesterfeldt is Manager of User Research for User Interface Design (UID) in Munich, Germany, and founder of the International Usability Partners (IUP).

Filip Healy is Principal Consultant and Director at Amberlight in London, UK.

For the first time in its history, the UPA conference will travel to the heart of Europe. The conference will be held at Hotel Bayerischer Hof Munich, Germany during 24-28 May, 2010.

UPA 2010 logo (drawing of five people of different colors holding hands)

Our 2010 UPA International Conference theme is Embracing Cultural Diversity: User Experience Design for the World. We chose this theme as it goes stride in stride with the international and multi cultural expansion of the UPA conference, while also covering some of the key issues in our industry at the same time:

  • Moving towards an understanding of the broader user experience beyond traditional usability
  • Incorporating the need to focus on design as much as on research
  • Exploring the concept of cultures and how these impact on our work
  • Acknowledging the increasingly international nature of our work and the issues that we face in light of this

UPA conferences attract people from a great variety of backgrounds - seasoned experts and newcomers to the field, user researchers and interaction designers, and business owners and students.

As always, we are adapting the conference to reflect your needs and expectations. We are taking into account the realities of our participants and attendees as well as UPA's vision and mission.

In 2010, we're expecting many attendees from Europe and around the world, making this conference a truly international meeting. This conference will provide more networking and social interaction than ever before, putting you in touch with inspiring people and new ideas. We will organize a whole program of events and activities to help you meet others with the same interest and expand your professional network. This will include city tours, dining, and an unprecedented amount of activity on social networks.

Due to popular demand, the 2010 conference will focus on delivering a wider range of advanced material for experienced practitioners that will inspire, engage, and challenge our ever growing audience. These sessions will be highly interactive and participatory and integrated within the main conference program.

We also acknowledge the less experienced attendees at the conference and will continue to provide our Usability Fundamentals Track that provides a range of sessions aimed at those who are looking to learn the basics of usability. Launched in 2009, it proved to be a great training resource for many attendees.

The German UPA will host a German language track on the Thursday of the conference. The G|UPA is integrating their annual conference UP10 into the UPA 2010 International Conference.

The UPA International Student Design Competition, launched in 2009, will go to the next round in 2010. Students from around the world will present meaningful design solutions to the UPA community.

We will make it very easy for attendees to select the right sessions for their personal interests, development, and goals at the conference. We're improving the design of the program and proceedings in a way that will make both the content and personal value of each presentation more predictable for participants.

Finally, Munich is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and well worth a visit. The conference venue is right in the middle of the historic city center, surrounded by amazing architecture, beautiful parks, great restaurants, and world-class museums. Travelling to Munich might be less expensive than you think!

The call for participation is now open and closes on September 11th. Registration opens in December 2009, earlier than in previous years.

See www.upa2010.org for details about the conference.


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