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December 2008 Contents

World Usability Day 2008 from an Organizer's Perspective

This year's World Usability Day (WUD) 2008 had participants from 43 countries, organizing 170 events, and 10 online events. Considering that WUD has been in existence for only four years, I asked Elizabeth Rosenweig, one of the founders, to tell me what it takes to organize such a huge event and what it means to her.

By Judy Blostein and Elizabeth Rosenzweig

The Global Transport Challenge

Imagine if one day in November, thousands of people around the world stop to examine how they use transportation and what impact it has on the environment today. And imagine that day changes the behavior of thousands of people worldwide and improves our environment and our energy usage.

By Caryn Saitz

The Challenge of Turning UPA into a Global Association

Outside the United States of America the UPA is often perceived as an US-centric association. Do we as an association want this? And if not, what counteractive measures do we need to undertake to avoid this perception?

By Silvia C. Zimmermann

Thumbnail: Thyra Rauch

"Serendipity's a wonderful thing," says Thyra Rauch. "Opportunities happen. You just need to be open to them."

By Cliff Anderson

UPA Announces Discounts for Members

We are extremely pleased to announce our latest member benefit: discounts on useful tools, software, services and conferences.

By Trent Mankelow

Have Discounts to Offer?

Are you interested in offering a discount to our nearly 3,000 members? Have you got a favorite vendor that you'd love to see offer a discount to UPA members? Let us know by emailing Trent Mankelow.

Membership Satisfaction Survey

Have you completed our membership satisfaction survey? Please give us 10 - 15 minutes of your precious time to help improve the usability industry.

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