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UPA 2007: Letter to Your Supervisor

By Carol J. Smith

Carol J. Smith is the Co-Chair of UPA 2007 and Manager of User Experience for K12, Inc. in the Washington, DC area.

Early Registration opens for the UPA 2007 Conference on February 26, 2007. Find out more and register at: http://upa2007.org/.

To facilitate your timely registration, and so you don’t have to miss out on our great program, below is a sample letter that you might give to your supervisor to request approval to attend the Conference.

The letter was inspired by the Society for Technical Communication’s Technical Communication Summit, and highlights the benefits of attendance, sessions to attend and expenses you might request be covered. For details on this conference, see http://www.stc.org/54thConf/.

Dear [your supervisor’s name]:

To help provide [your company] with the most current professional methods and technological advances in usability and user-centered design, I would like to attend the Usability Professionals’ Association Conference in Austin, Texas from June 11 – 15, 2007.

The Conference will offer approximately 50 sessions with topics covering all aspects of usability evaluation, user research, user-centered design, accessibility, and organizational issues facing usability professionals. There are four time slots per day for seminars and workshops, of which the following are of particular relevance to the company:

[List the sessions that will provide the greatest benefit to the company. Refer to the list of sessions in the Advance Program which is on the UPA Web site at http://www.upa2007.org/ ]

Although I will try to attend these particular sessions, some of the most popular may be closed because of limited seating. In that case, I will choose alternates. Even if I cannot attend some of the sessions, our company can benefit from the Conference Proceedings, which includes papers from many sessions and is provided free to all full-Conference registrants.

There are also Tutorials offered before the conference. I would like to go to [List the Tutorial you would like to attend.] I believe it will help me learn more about [list the content that is of most interest to the company.]


[List transportation costs, registration fee, cost of meals, and the price per night of the hotel room. These will be posted on the UPA Conference Web site.]

Summary of Benefits for [your company]:

The sessions will provide me with more knowledge of usability evaluation, user research, user-centered design, accessibility, and organizational issues. This knowledge will enable me to handle [a particular project] with more professionalism and confidence, which will reflect favorably on [your company]. I will be able to pass on much of this information to co-workers, and my notes and copy of the Proceedings will be available for reference.


[Your name]


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