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February 2006 Contents


Designing Better Elections
Last year, UPA joined the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) in a strategic project, Design for Democracy, to mobilize an interdisciplinary group of research and design professionals with a mission to increase participation in the civic experience through usability and design. Although Design for Democracy has projects in many areas of public life, including emergency evacuation and wage reporting forms, elections are one of the largest and most visible projects.

By Josephine Scott

Projects and Events

Human-Centered Computing: Call for Nominations
On behalf of The Franklin Institute, I invite you to nominate candidates for the 2007 Bower Award and Prize to be presented to a distinguished scientist in the field of Human-Centered Computing. The Bower Award for Achievements in Science is presented annually by The Franklin Institute to a researcher of any nationality for outstanding work in the applied or basic sciences, or engineering. A predetermined field of study is chosen each year as a theme. A gold medal and a cash prize of $250,000 are awarded to the individual selected to receive the Bower Award and Prize for Achievement in Science.

By Dennis M. Wint, Ph.D.

Internet User Experience 2006 (IUE2006)
The Michigan Chapter of the UPA, WCC's Internet Professional Program, UXnet, and a growing list of others are co-sponsoring the second Internet User Experience event - IUE2006. This year's program includes four days (and some evenings) of presentations, demonstrations, and training on web site user experience design. Attendees will be exposed to before/after improvements to,, and consumer retail web sites along with the methods that were used to achieve them.

By Dave Mitropoulos-Rundus

New Experienced Practitioners Track at UPA 2006!
Join other usability practitioners for an intense day of learning and sharing on Tuesday, June 13, 2006 in beautiful Colorado. The day will include five sessions that are geared for practitioners with at least 5-10 years of experience and who desire a deeper level of understanding and discussion. We will ensure a manageable group size by limiting this event to 40 participants.

By DeeDee DeMulling and Carol J. Smith

A Report from User Friendly 2005: Shanghai
There's a lot of usability activity in China these days. As Chinese companies seek to build global brands and foreigners aim to boost sales in the mainland, they're transforming the country's design business. Chinese manufacturers realize they need better products if they want to break out of China and beef up their margins on sales abroad.

By Qin Lin

World Usability Day 2006: Open Positions
The UPA enjoyed wonderful success with the first annual World Usability November 3, 2005. The day lasted for 36 hours, with 115 events in 35 countries, on 6 continents all around the world. The plans are starting for World Usability Day 2006; we have a date- Nov. 14, 2006. The goal is to build on the success of World Usability Day 2005, and to create an even bigger impact for 2006. We have developed our mission, vision, and strategies, and are looking for volunteers to help make the day a success.

By Elizabeth Rosenzweig

The World Exposition of Innovation: Design for an Ageing Society
The International Federation on Ageing (IFA) is proud to propose the Inaugural World Exposition of Innovation: Design for an Ageing Society (hereafter referred to as Expo Ageing Montreal) in Montreal, Canada in May 2008. The aim of Expo Ageing Montreal is to bring together leading designers, manufacturers, academics, service providers, planners, developers, and governments from all parts of the world to showcase their products and innovative policies. It will also be a venue for corporate, government and civil society to foster partnerships, discuss international licensing and trade agreements, and develop export opportunities that respond to generational and cultural nuances of communities around the world.

By Nour Cressia


Thumbnail: Caroline Jarrett
Caroline Jarrett is “the forms lady.” Though she doesn’t “just do forms by any means,” they remain her first love. “Forms are the thing I really like to specialize in,” she notes. “I think forms are very interesting.” Why forms? “They tend to be really terrible,” jokes Caroline, “so there’s a good possibility that you’ll fairly easily be able to make some major improvements.”

By Cliff Anderson

Meet the Meeting Manager: Amy E. Forgette
As long as you’re meeting the newbies at the UPA Office, take a moment to say hello to Amy Forgette. You may not ever have direct contact with her but if you attend the UPA Annual Meetings (and you should!), you more than likely you will run into her.

By Amy E. Forgette

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