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UPA Code of Conduct Approved

by Richard Bellaver
Vice President, UPA Board

Richard Bellaver is a Professor and the Associate Director of The Center for Information and Communications Sciences at Ball State University. He started the UPA’s Code of Conduct activity as Director for Professional Development and has been Vice President of the Board for the past two years.

I am very pleased to report that the Code of Conduct for UPA has been accepted at the September 2005 Board meeting. Basically the “interim” wording, which has been on our web site for the past year, is the new code. The Advisory Committee is in place and many of them will participate in a seminar at next year’s conference. Please check our site to be as up to date with the Code as possible.

I think the Code is important to UPA and to us individually. To the organization it shows that usability professionals are proud of our integrity and willing to promise to follow the Code to become members and retain membership in UPA. As individuals it will help us explain the moral reasoning behind our actions to clients and members of our own organizations.

Wording of such a basic tenet of principles is always difficult and also subject to change over time; therefore the point of contact for understanding and recommendations for update will continue to be the Board Vice President.

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