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It is easy to criticize but... challenge to find examples of GOOD usability

Finding bad stuff is easy

It is easy to find examples of poor usability and many books and sites devote themselves to this. e.g.

We can learn from mistakes and we can laugh and feel superior about it, but what about learning from great design?

What about good stuff?

Do you know of any sites devoted to 'Web pages that are great' or ''ThisIsTotallyFixed' or best practice interactive design in general?

Think about good everyday products (lets leave out doors, cookers and light switches though). How many hold up to close scrutiny and display good examples of the principles of good usability? It is actually harder than you think - the best we came up was an 'in the bowl toilet cleaner. Will reveal the secrets next issue if no one else does any better - see your challenge below.

...a challenge

Send us your usability heros - products that display exactly the qualities that many of us strive to get incorporated.


  • Product name
  • Manufacturer
  • Usability principles that it displays particularly well (e.g. the toilet cleaner has various modes of feedback about whether it is working or not)
  • A picture if you have one
  • Your name and contact details if you want to be credited with the discovery

We will include the best entries in the next issue - and we might even have a prize for the best entry (yes a toilet cleaner!)

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