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Volume 2   Issue 2 May 2000

Usability as Therapy
Can we help bridge the gap between business and engineering?
By Charlie Kreitzberg

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CONFERENCE REPORT:Preliminary Program
The 2000 conference is shaping up to be another great program.

CHAPTERS:  The Minnesota Chapter
                     The Ottawa Chapter
Read how the two North American chapters got their start. For information about starting a chapter in your area, contact Janice James or Martin Rantzer.

SIGS: Hardware SIG
Roel Kahmann proposes a Hardware SIG for UPA.

BOARD REPORT: The Future of UPA Publications
Elizabeth Rosenzweig talks about plans for a new UPA Journal.

VOLUNTEERING: The Poster Project
Julie Nowicki invites you to participate.

ARTICLE: Asking Why
Larry Wood writes about how probing users' intentions added value to a usability study.


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A Hardware SIG for UPA

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