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UXPA Publications: Journal of Usability Studies

About the Journal

The Journal of Usability Studies (JUS) is a peer-reviewed, international, online publication dedicated to promoting and enhancing the practice, research, and education of user experience design and evaluation.

The journal aims to provide usability practitioners and researchers with a forum to share:

  • Empirical findings and case studies
  • Emerging methods and tools from within the user experience profession and from related disciplines, such as market research and technical communications
  • Reports of good practices in user experience
  • Approaches and case studies in usability education and training

Call for Papers

Authors are invited to submit manuscripts addressing aspects of quantitative and qualitative usability studies and analyses for any interactive product.

Those studies can include (but are not limited to):

  • Empirical findings of usability studies (but not the full usability reports)
  • Comparative studies between usability methods, approaches, and techniques
  • Newly defined and tested usability metrics
  • Research and best practices that cross the boundaries between usability, market research, and technical communication
  • Applied research that has implications for user experience design and evaluation
  • Critical or thought/discussion papers challenging and questioning practices and proposing innovative ideas and approaches
  • Reporting the design and implementation of teaching or training approaches
  • Descriptions and discussions of automated, computerized tools for usability data collection and testing
  • The empirical development and implementation of usability standards and guidelines

Empirical studies can include:

  • Experiments
  • Case histories
  • Field studies
  • On-site visits
  • Expert or heuristic inspections
  • Other techniques


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Contacting the Journal

To contact JUS, send an email to:

JUS welcomes contributions from UXPA members and other professionals:

The Journal of Usability Studies is ISSN 1931-3357

Advisory and Editorial Boards

Working with the Editors in Chief, the Advisory board sets the overall direction for the journal.

  • Ginny Redish
  • Arnie Lund
  • Jakob Nielsen
  • Jeff Rubin
  • Susan Dray

The Editorial Board manages peer reviews and selects articles for publication. The current board includes:

    Editors in Chief
    Bill Albert and Joe Dumas
    Aaron Rich Jim Lewis
    Barbara Millet Kasper Hornbaek
    Beth Loring Laura Faulkner
    Carol Barnum Marc Resnick
    Carol Righi Mary LaLomia
    Carol Smith Mary Lee
    Caroline Jarrett Mary Theofanos
    Carolyn Snyder Misha Vaughan
    Dana Chisnell Morten Hertzum
    Deborah Mayhew Richard Cordes
    Doug Gillan Roberto Champney
    Egon van den Broek Sarah Swierenga
    Erik Frøkjær Tharon Howard
    Gilbert Cockton Vanessa Evers
    Jeff Sauro Wen Shi
    Jen McGinn William Hudson
    Jim Hudson Wonil Hwang


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