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Card Sort Analysis Best Practices

Carol Righi, Janice James, Michael Beasley, Donald L. Day, Jean E. Fox, Jennifer Gieber, Chris Howe, and Laconya Ruby

Journal of Usability Studies, Volume 8, Issue 3, May 2013, pp. 69 - 89

Article Contents

Summary and Conclusions

As we stipulated early in this article, with card sort data analysis, the devil is in the details. This article provides many of those details. But while it is not necessary to always perform all of these steps, the value of a rigorous approach to card sort data analysis is twofold:

Our data driven perspective is, in large measure, what makes us valuable to product teams. Our methods do and should continually evolve, as we further strengthen our approaches and meld science and art to create useful, usable, and engaging user experiences.

The authors of this document acknowledge that tools and practices evolve over time, and we welcome the input of the reader to contact us with ideas and suggestions for new and better ways to analyze card sort data.


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