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UXPA Publications: Design by People for People

Design by People For People: Essays in Usablity

Cover of bookThis book incudes 27 essays and represents a retrospective of the work published in UPA's Common Ground newsletter through its final March 2000 issue.

design by people for people: Essays on Usability
Edited by Russell J. Branaghan
Usability Professionals' Association, 2001

274 pages, softcover, ISBN 0-9702272-0-5


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Table of Contents


Preface - by Branaghan

A Letter from the Founder - by James

Making Computer and Internet Usability a Priority - by Kreitzberg and Shneiderman

Communicating the Role of Usability Engineering - by McInerney

Experience Design

Interview with A. Henderson - Usability: From Operation to Empowerment - by Hackos

From Ease of Use to Experience Design - by Branaghan

Towards a Framework of Experience as it Relates to Interaction Design: Conference Workshop Report - by Forlizzi

Ease of Learning and Efficiency of Use: Usability Needs to Focus on Both - by Branaghan

Consulting Issues

Authentic Consulting: Bringin the Power of Who You Are to What You Do - by Rubin

Consulting Skills for Usability Professionals - by Gillmore and Millard

It's Time for a Usability Code of Conduct - by Ballman

Methods in Usability

Usability Throughout the Product Development Cycle - by Darnell & Halgren

Brevity Versus Usability: On the Need to Articulate Messages in User Interfaces - by Tamler

An Application of the Principles of Minimalism to the Design of Human-Computer Interfaces - by Hackos

Usability Testing Methods: Subjective Measures--Measuring Attitudes and Opinions - by Dumas

Usability Testing Methods: Think-aloud Protocols - by Dumas

Consumer "In-Home" Usability Testing - by Mitropolous-Rundus and Muszak

Remote Usability Evaluation Over the Internet - by Perkins

How (Much) to Intervene in a Usability Testing Session - by Tamler

How Many Participants in a Usability Test Are Enough? - by Dumas

Classifying User Errors in Human-Computer Interactive Tasks - by Vora

Staking Your "CLAIM" to Usable Corporate UI Design Guidelines - by DiPersio

UPA '99 Workshop Summary: Integrating Human Factors Analysis Methods with Use Cases - by Engleberg

The Third Dimension in Paper Protototypes - by Sade and Battarbee

Conceptual Modeling

Building the Conceptual Model and Metaphor: The "3x3" - by Righi

A Pattern Supported Approach to the User Interface Design Process - by Granlund and Lafreniere

Web Site Evaluation

Following a Fast-Moving Target: Recording User Behavior in Web Usability Testing - by Kantner

Assessing Web Site Usability from Server Log Files - by Kantner

Usability Evaluations for Commercial WWW Sites - by Braun


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