Projects: Web Maintenance and Design


Many people contributed (and continue to contribute) to the design, content and maintenance of this web site. The site redesign project was begun with Larry Wood, and continued under Gary Macomber.

Site Design

  • Janice James, Simply Usable through Design
  • Carol Righi, Righi Interface Engineering

Web Redesign Committee

  • Gary Macomber
  • Whitney Quesenbery
  • Thyra Rauch
  • Larry Wood
  • Debra Gabriel
  • Cindy Smith

Site Development and

  • Hesketh.com (Conference Applications and Site development)
  • SynNet (Member Directory)
  • Pair Networks (Hosting)

Updated with macromedia ContributeSite maintained using Macromedia Contribute

Special Contributions

  • Site Feedback using WebIQ- Usability Sciences Corporation

We'd like to thank the following people for their help with the design of the UXPA web site:

  • Michael Everitt of Informativity
  • Jianming Dong of IBM
  • Avi Harel of Ergolight

and the hundreds of members of our professional community who volunteered for and participated in usability studies throughout the design of the site.



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