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Project: Usability in the Enterprise

Workshop Report:

The Business of Usability: Developing Metrics to Justify our Existence and Budgets

A UPA 2006 Workshop
Monday, June 12, 2006
Broomfield, Colorado, USA

This workshop brought together a group of experts on the topic of cost-justifying usability with a group of manager/director-level usability practitioners from all different industries, disciplines and geography. 



The following individuals facilitated the workshop.  Their responsibility was to lead each working group, document the proceedings of the workshop, and explain the purposes of each working session to the participants.

Expert Panelists

The following individuals served as our expert panel during the workshop.  These practitioners were selected based on their experience, publications, and perspectives on the topic of cost-justifying usability.  Their research seeks to explain the positive business aspects of usability, and they have been integral in the success of usability in the corporate world. 

Each expert delivered a short "position talk" at the beginning of the workshop.  The presentations that accompanied those talks are provided below.

Additional Reading

Links to additional reading on this topic:


Participants and Position Papers

The following people attended the workshop.  They were assigned to a working group with one of our expert panelists, who served as sounding boards for the perspectives expressed by their group, and a co-facilitator who took notes.

Position papers, notes from the group's work and their the final presentations made by each of the groups are linked below.

Working Group 1

Working Group 2

Working Group 3

Working Group 4

Working Group 5

Selection Process

The participants for the workshop were selected from responses to a call for participation. Position papers were reviewed by members of the UPA "Usability in the Enterprise" research project, using a blind review process, for:

  • Cohesiveness and clarity of thought
  • Amount and breadth of work experience and research on the topic
  • Thesis statement and general perspectives offered by candidate
  • Ability to theorize on the topic

Thanks to those who helped with the review process. 


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