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How the Program Works

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Friends of Usability are the people who hire, retain, promote, support, and advocate for usability. Without Friends, usability could not exist as a profession any more than the medical profession could exist without patients. Who are the Friends (link to list on fist page) that make your work possible?

Sometimes we take our Friends for granted. We assume that if we do a good (or great) job that lives up to our Friends' expectations, their commitment to our work will not waiver. Instead of assuming, why not say "Thank you" to your Friends in a way that:

  • Recognizes Friends in an attractive, personalized, and professional manner
  • Let's them know that you appreciate their efforts on behalf of your work
  • Is appropriate even in those government and corporate settings where gifts are not
  • Attracts interest in usability from others
  • Reminds your Friends that you are the one who remembered them
  • Enables you to make your "Thank you" public by posting it on the UPA website (or to not post it if you or your friend prefer)
  • Promotes UPA as the organization that recognizes its Friends
  • Costs you only $15.00

Interested in a great new way of saying "Thank you?" Take a closer look at the "Friend of Usability" certificate to the right, now available at the UPA Store

Likely Friends of Usability

  • The director or vice president who approved the funding for a new usability lab
  • The corporate leader who announced that a customer focus was the first priority - and that usability would be part of the goals and marketing strategy for every project in the company
  • The project manager who included time for usability testing (and for incorporating the results into the product) in the project plan
  • The QA manager who asked how the quality testers could help find consistency problems or other usability bugs, and started including them in the bug-tracking database
  • The client or corporate leader who made sure the usability budget was not eliminated as a part of broad-based "belt tightening" measures.

How it Works

  1. Order a Friends of Usability certificate in the name of the person you are recognizing.
  2. Receive an attractive, personalized certificate in a frame.
  3. Present the certificate to the person with as much pomp and ceremony as you feel is fitting.
  4. Show them (if you've given permission), their name on this page (along with other people who have been recognized as friends of usability).
  5. Remember, Friends of Usability certificates should be given to people outside of the profession who "support, incorporate, and promote usability as an integral and fundamental element of development and evaluation processes." Let them know you appreciate them.

Photo of the certificate


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