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Project: Certification of Usability Professionals

Report from UPA 2002

Workshop at the UPA Conference, Orlando Florida
July 9, 2002
Facilitated by Mary Beth Rettger


The meeting consisted of a presentation of progress to date and a brainstorming session on what other work might be valuable to the profession and could turn into projects that UPA would sponsor and carry forward.

Meeting notes with flip chart transcriptions

Six projects were defined at that meeting, leaders suggested, and people recruited both at the meeting and during the conference. Anyone else interested in this work is invited to contact Julie Nowicki, the UPA Director of Professional Development at jnowicki@optavia.com. Each project will present a status report to the UPA Board at the Winter 2003 meeting.

  • Pamphlet to lay groundwork for Body of Knowledge: "What a user-centered designer does"
    Build on existing documents (ISO 13407, and competencies 0.7)
    Gap analysis on what’s missing in these documents
    Turn into comprehensible language
    Good visual design that enhances meaning
    Define terminology
  • Annotated bibliography
    Starter reading for understanding UCD
    Very selected, all available sources. Can feed into the pamphlet
  • Plan and prepare for the Body of Knowledge?
    Plan and define
    Research other BoK
    Build a diverse team
  • Catalog courses and degree programs
    Find, define, analyze professional training programs
  • Define roles for practicing UCD
    Will eventually lead to additional professional development activities and self-assessment tools
  • Code of Conduct
    For UPA or for user-centered designers in general

Session Agenda

Please note that this is a tentative agenda, and either timings or content of segments may be modified during the day as the work progresses!

In general, the structure of the day will encourage small groups working together, reporting back to the larger group. Ideally, by the end of the day we will have some clearer idea of what next steps should be taken on this issue.

Introductions and a start-off activity (Provide an opportunity for people to get any issues off their chest in a “non invasive” way, and get down to work. This may not be needed, but it will be good to have and the exercise wraps to the end of the day as a benchmark of what’s been accomplished.)

Julie and Nigel review background and history of the project: Salt Lake City, what’s happened since them, where we are so far. Includes a brief review of the proposed competencies and relationship to ISO13407.


Review of current issues, and the survey data

10:45- 11:30
Break into 2-3 small groups for 45 minutes. Each group takes one of the key issues and talks about what the various positions are, and what we can do to address the concerns raised there. The focus of this is not to rehash the issues but try to identify how we move forward what would meet user needs on each of the issues.

Reconvene, and review progress of the morning.

Lunch. Either a working lunch, or a chance to take a walk

Intro the planned working groups: competencies, curriculum, self-assessment. (These may need adjustment based on group interests or what has come out of the morning).

Divide into working groups to propose ways to proceed, and think about what the mission of the group might be and how each working group contributes to it.

Mission/Vision/Goals session for the next 6 months. Reports from each group is part of this segment. (Is there an implicit goal of having a next-stage presentation to the board in January?

General discussion and next steps. A review of the day, using the “plus/delta” concept how many of the concerns that people wrote down a the beginning of the day have been addressed, etc.

Core group and board members review day and plan presentation for Thursday



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