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Project: Certification of Usability Professionals

Draft Reports and Other Working Papers


A summary version of the competencies currently being discussed.

Nigel Bevan

Comments from discussion list (pdf)

A collection of comments on certification and the profession by members of a private usability discussion group. (All comments posted with permission of the authors.)

Whitney Quesenbery

Technical competencies for
Human Centred Design professionals

A detailed version of the competencies currently being discussed (version 0.7).

Nigel Bevan

A Broader View (doc)

This paper examines certification of a usability professional as proceeding in terms of: (1) personal knowledge, (2) skills and occupational experience, (3) subscription to a code of professional ethics.

Jurek Kirakowski

Using ISO 13407 as a guide to
personal knowledge and competence

This paper is intended as a contribution to the debate concerning the knowledge and skills required of a person wishing to be certified as a Usability Professional.

Jurek Kirakowski

D-Day-position-statement (doc)

A personal position statement by Donald Day: My views of why the working group certification initiative should not be perceived as threatening.

Donald Day

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