Usability in Civic Life: Voting and Usability

UK and e-Voting

Government, Public Bodies and Related Organisations

Responsibility for elections and voting is divided between several government departments.

UK Legislation

Elections in the UK are governed by a range of legislation including Acts of Parliament and Statutory Instruments.


Design and Usability of Ballots and Voting Systems

Standards and Guidelines

Voting Modernisation Pilots

Since 2000, the UK has conducted several pilot projects testing different approaches to voting modernization. These have included all-postal voting, digital television, telephone/SMS voting, all conducted in specific jurisdictions. These reports describe, evaluate and respond to these pilots.


News archives

UK publication Open Democracy is currently running a series on voting technology issues:

  • What happens when we vote? by Siva Vaidhyanathan (Open Democracy, 5 October 2004)
    US academic Vaidhyanathan takes an international view of voting and technology.
  • Democracy needs good design by Louise Ferguson (Open Democracy, 19 October 2004)
    Article considering design, usability and accessibility of voting technology, old and new.
  • The touchscreen future by Daniel Tokaji (Open Democracy, 21 October 2004)
  • Tokaji is a US academic who advocates the use of touch screen technology as a response to technical problems with older technologies used in the US.
  • What’s wrong with electronic voting machines? by Bruce Schneier (Open Democracy, 9 November 2004)
    On problems with ‘DRE’ electronic voting machines.

Other news stories about elections:

Other sites

Other organisations with voting projects

UK web logs

If you are keeping up with voting and usability in the UK, there are two web logs that should be on your bookmarks list.


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