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Usability in Civic Life: Government & Industry Day

Letter from Vice President Al Gore to the UPA


Office of the Vice President

June 18, 1998

Dear UPA members:

On the occasion of the 1998 Washington Conference fo the Usability Professionals' Association, I am happy to commend the Association for its efforts to enhance public consciousness of the payoff from increased usability and efficiency in the products Americans use. You have contributed to more effective utilitization of communications technology both in our country and around the world.

Though we have made great strides as a nation, American industry and government will become even more productive if they take advantage of usability engineering techniques -- interactive technologies that are "usable" enable all kinds of organizations to better grow and serve the public. The benefits of usable technology include reduced training costs, limited user risk, and enhanced performance.

Congratulations on your successful efforts to bring the producers and users of new technologies together, and I am confident that you will continue to develop business tools and consumer products that work better for people.


Al Gore


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