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UXPA Chapters: Forming a Local Chapter

Guidelines for Chapters Bylaws

Forming a Local Chapter > Example of Chapters Bylaws

1. Definition and Purpose

A Chapter is a group of UXPA members who live or work in a particular locality and who, as a matter of geographic convenience, organize themselves to promote the goals of UXPA ("the Association") cooperatively. Chapters can engage only in activities that conform to the Association's goals, policies, and procedures.


2.    Petition for Chapter Recognition

2.1 Application.

To establish a Chapter, ten or more regular voting members of UXPA must submit a written application to UXPA headquarters. The name and address of each signatory to the application must be typed or printed adjacent to the signature. The application shall state the name and proposed boundaries of the new Chapter and name the temporary officers. A set of Chapter bylaws shall accompany the application. The Chapter may use the UXPA bylaws as a guideline, making adjustments where necessary to specify unique requirements of the Chapter.


Template of the Chapter Bylaws in PDF or RTF format.


2.2  Approval Process

The Chapter committee of UXPA shall determine if the application for charter as a Chapter meets the minimum criteria for approval, and if so, will present it to the Board of Directors for approval. Upon approval, the Chapter is granted Chapter status.


3. Operational Relationships with the Association

3.1    Membership.

Only UXPA Association members in good standing may be Chapter members. All members residing or working within the boundaries of the Chapter may voluntarily assign themselves to that Chapter. However, a member may request a specific Chapter affiliation where more than one Chapter is in bounds. A member may be associated with only one Chapter at a time.


3.2  Association contact.

The Association maintains contact with all Chapters by


a. assisting Chapters, as required, through the Chapter committee.

b. providing names and other information of members located in the Chapter's boundaries.

c. sending news of Association activities to the Chapter


A Chapter maintains contact with the Association by


a. advising the Chapter Committee promptly of the names of its newly elected officers

b. furnishing progress information on a quarterly basis and an annual activities report to the Chapter Committee

c. verifying Association membership status of potential Chapter members

d. notifiying the Association office of new Chapter members so that the Association database can reflect Chapter affiliation

e. submitting an annual financial report to the Chapter Committee and UXPA Treasurer


3.3   Constraints.

A Chapter must


a. operate under local rules and procedures that are not consistent with the governing bylaws, and operational policies and procedures of the UXPA and the Chapter. Any variations from the governing documents must be cleared through the Association's Chapter Committee and Board of Directors prior to adoption;


b. take responsibility for ensuring Chapter members are first UXPA members


c. not own real estate, obligate UXPA   to any financial or other commitment, nor use the UXPA name without the Chapter designation and only within the guidelines outlining use of the UXPA name and logo.


3.4 Withholding funds

If a Chapter persists in actions that are not in the best interests of the Association, the Board may by a two thirds vote take any action it deems proper, including disaffiliation of the Chapter, if necessary.   Such action may be appealed to the Board and, after reconfirmation of the Board's action, to the annual business meeting of the Association.


3.5 Dissolution

The Board may by a two-thirds vote dissolve a Chapter when it is satisfied that the Chapter is inactive and that there is no reasonable hope of its immediate revival, or when it is satisfied that such action is in the best interests of the Association. Chapter dissolution does not affect Association membership status of the members assigned to such a Chapter. Members of a dissolved Chapter shall be assigned unaffiliated status or reassigned to another Chapter if such exists in the general region and if they so choose. Upon dissolution, residual Chapter funds shall revert to the Association treasury, and use of the UXPA name as a Chapter shall cease.


4. Operations

4.1 Name.

The Chapter name is selected by the original organizers but may be changed by a two-thirds vote at a business meeting of the Chapter, a quorum being present. Written notification of the motion to change the name must be given to all Chapter members at least two weeks before the vote. The Association must be advised when a Chapter's name has been changed.


4.2   Boundaries.

The Chapter boundaries are proposed by the original organizers and approved by the Chapter committee. Any change to the boundaries must be submitted to UXPA for approval. The Chapter Committee, with the agreement of UXPA's Board of Directors,   may change a Chapter's boundaries if deemed in the best interest of the Association.


4.3 Chapter Council.

The Chapter membership is represented by an elected Chapter Council with powers to take whatever legal and proper actions are necessary for the fulfillment of the Association's purposes.


A Chapter Council is composed of at least the President, the Vice President, the treasurer, the secretary, and the most recent past President. The Chapter Council meets at the request of the President or at the request of two of its members. A majority of the Chapter Council constitutes a quorum. If the Chapter Council decides by majority vote that more than five officers are required to operate efficiently, it may propose at a Chapter membership meeting, to increase the number of elected of officers, specifying the titles and duties of such officers. If the proposal is accepted by two-thirds vote of those present (all members having been notified prior to the meeting), it becomes a rule of the Chapter's operation. Conversely, the membership of a Chapter may agree by a two-thirds vote to have the offices of secretary and treasurer filled by the same individual. Vacancies in the Chapter Council are filled by majority vote of the remaining council members.

4.4 Responsibilities.

The Chapter President, as head of the Chapter Council, is responsible for all operations. The Chapter President delegates duties to the other officers. The following responsibilities must be discharged:


a. regularly scheduled program meetings for the membership (at least five per year)

b. recruitment of new members and membership processing

c. regular meetings of the Chapter Council to handle the Chapter's business

d. fiscal controls by means of approved budgets and expenditures, and fiscal operations in accordance with Subsection 4.5 below

e. quarterly activity reports to the Chapter committee

f. annual activities reports to the Chapter committee and annual fiscal reports to the Association treasurer.   Within 90 days of the end of the fiscal year, the Chapter shall prepare and provide to the Board of Directors of UXPA a current financial statement for the fiscal year just ended.

g. compliance with U.S. IRS requirements regarding annual information returns. International Chapters must also comply with local regulations regarding non-profit organizations.

h. annual elections conducted by the Chapter nominating committee in accordance with Subsection 4.5 below


4.5   Chapter elections.

It is the president's duty to see that procedures for Chapter elections are carried out properly.   The results of the election should be reported to UXPA and the Chapter Sponsor as early as possible so the new President and other Chapter officers can be invited to attend the annual Chapters workshop, held in conjunction with the annual Association conference. A Chapter nominating committee handles the elections. The nominating committee manager, who is a member of the Chapter, is appointed by the Chapter President.


4.6   Chapter business meeting.

At least one annual Chapter business meeting is held at which the Chapter Council report to the membership and the results of the annual election are announced. A quorum for transacting business is 25 percent of the voting members, or fifteen voting members, whichever is fewer.


4.7   Finances.

Chapter funds are deposited in any banking institution that is a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), or is protected by the Canadian Deposit Insurance Act, or credit unions that are members of the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF). Each Chapter operates under a financial budget approved by its Chapter Council. The treasurer is responsible for all disbursements; disbursements must be authorized in writing and checks signed by the treasurer and either the President or the Vice President.


4.8  Chapter Member Dues

Chapters may charge UXPA members dues which are dedicated to Chapter operations, in an amount determined by the Chapter Council.   The UXPA Board of Directors suggests that Chapter dues for each Chapter should be $15 per year.   Dues shall be assessed annually, due on January 1 of each year.   On renewals, there shall be a two-month grace period; if Chapter dues as assessed are not paid by March 1, the member's Chapter dues shall be considered to be in arrears, and the member shall be ineligible to serve as a Chapter officer, or to vote on Chapter matters, or to participate in Chapter actitivies, until the Chapter dues in arrears are paid in full.  


Dues of members who join Chapters during any year shall be prorated through December 31.


Chapters are responsible for verifying during the application process that the potential Chapter member is a current UXPA member before granting Chapter membership. All UXPA members are assigned membership numbers by the UXPA office. UXPA membership should be verified through the UXPA office.   If the potential Chapter member is not a UXPA member, the Chapter will provide the Chapter applicant a UXPA membership application.   Potential Chapter members are allowed one free visit to the Chapter meeting before Chapter membership is required.  


4.9   Services to Non Members

Chapters may charge additional fees to Non-members for Chapter events, which fees may be more than those charged to members.   However, the amount charged must be reasonable in relation to the benefit derived.


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