About UXPA Sponsorship, Exhibits and Advertising

Corporate Sponsorship Program 2013

The UXPA is grateful to have had tremendous support from vendors who help those who promote and advance the development of usable products and services. Help us continue this support in 2013 and reach your very best customers!

Your participation in the UXPA Corporate Sponsorship Program tells the world that you are committed to creating usable products. It also communicates to your industry, your customers, and potential employees your support of usability and user-centered design.

By becoming a UXPA sponsor, you will more easily recruit top usability professionals and further develop your employees through their involvement in the UXPA. Your company will be more visible with your corporate logo and name on the UXPA web site and on UXPA conference materials. Your company’s name will reach more than 2000 active UXPA members and thousands of others interested in usability, as well tens of thousands of visitors to the UXPA web site.


Web & Publication Sponsors

Know your company will benefit from supporting those who promote and advance the development of usable products and services? Become a 2013 sponsor! Your sponsorship dollars will go toward supporting UXPA membership and activities all year long.


Reach user experience professionals across the globe...

• User Experience Practitioners
• User-Centered Design Practitioners
• Usability Professionals
• User Researchers
• Interface Designers
• Software Developers
• Information Architects
• Business Analysts
• Graphic Designers
• Technical Writers
• Programmers

For a complete list of marketing opportunities contact Nicole A. Tafoya at office@uxpa.org.


Job Bank Sponsor - $10,000 USD

The Job Bank Sponsor receives exposure via one of the most popular areas of the UXPA website! The UXPA online Job Bank posts hundreds of job listings throughout the year attracting industry professionals from around the globe.

  • Exclusive sponsor of the Job Bank (over 2,000 hits monthly)
  • Logo/link on the UXPA website
  • Social media promotion

Online Publication Sponsor - $7,000 USD

The Online Publication Sponsor receives exclusive sponsorship of either of UXPA's online publications. The Journal of Usability Studies (JUS) is a quarterly peer-reviewed, international, online publication promoting and enhancing the practice, research, and education of usability engineering. The UXPA bi-monthly newsletter is packed with articles for UX and usability practitioners and news about UXPA activities.


  • Exclusive sponsor of either JUS or Voice (over 1,000 hits monthly)
  • Logo/link on the UXPA website
  • Social media promotion

Site Tab Sponsor - $7,000 USD


  • Exclusive banner ad on one of the following tabs: Usability Resources, UXPA Chapters, UXPA Projects, or Membership & Directories
  • Logo/link on the UXPA website
  • Social media promotion


Web & Publication Sponsors continued

Consultant Directory Sponsor - $5,000 USD

The UXPA Consultant Directory boasts over a hundred individual consultants listings annually


  • Exclusive sponsor of the UXPA Consultant Directory (over 800 hits monthly)
  • Logo/link on the UXPA website
  • Social media promotion

Webinar Sponsorship - $3,000


  • Exclusive sponsor of one 2013/2014 UXPA Virtual Seminar (reach over 6,500 each seminar via marketing & participant lists)
  • Logo/link on the UXPA website
  • Social media promotion

Web Patron - $2,500 USD


  • Logo/link on the UXPA website
  • Social media promotion

International Conference Sponsors

Join over 500 industry professionals at the 2013 UXPA International Conference in London, United Kingdom.

Contact Nicole A. Tafoya for details. office@uxpa.org


World Usability Day 2013

World Usability Day 2013 sponsorship information coming soon.



Questions and Answers

How long will my sponsorship last?
Corporate sponsorships run from April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014.

How do I ensure my organization receives the exclusive benefit that we chose?
The UXPA will hold an exclusive benefit for a sponsor for 30 calendar days from the time we receive the commitment form. Sponsorship funds must be received within this period. If sponsorship funds are not received within 30 days of receipt of the sponsorship form, the benefit will be made available to other sponsors on a first-pay-first-served basis.

Can you link my company’s logo to a page on my site?
Yes. Online corporate logos can be linked to your home page or a landing page of your choice (upon request).

Where will my company’s name and logo appear at the UXPA 2013 conference?
Logos will appear on conference materials and on banners and signs recognizing corporate sponsors.

The sponsorship plans mention that certain exclusive benefits will be “paid for by sponsor.” What does this mean?
Several of the exclusive benefits we offer sponsors – conference bag gift, and conference bag literature inserts – entail production costs. UXPA is providing interested sponsors with the ability to sponsor these high-visibility items, provided that the sponsor bears the costs of production.

What about the ads in User Experience? Who designs them? Who pays for the blow-in ad?
Sponsors will be responsible for providing full-page and blow-in ad designs. Vendors/Sponsors will bear the cost of reproducing the blow-in ad.


Dates and Deadlines

Sponsorship form and logo must be received by the UXPA office by April 1, 2013 for the sponsor logo to be included in the UXPA 2013 Conference materials.

1. Download the sponsorship form and email or fax it to the UXPA office.


2. Send your logo to the office to use in sponsorship materials

  • Please e-mail a copy of the corporate logo as a JPG, GIF or TIF file to UXPA at office@uxpa.org.
  • A file extension must be included. For large logos, GIF and JPEG files should be no larger than 250 by 100 pixels and TIFF files should be 300 dpi. Please use a white background and do not include animations.
  • Additionally, please mail an 8 inch x 10 inch hard copy of the corporate logo to the UXPA office.

Vendor Policy Statement

When considering content for UXPA Conferences, Publications, Events, or the UXPA Website, it is important to consider if the content discusses products or services that are for-profit or commercial. This content could take the following forms:

  • overviews or tutorials of commercially available software for usability practitioners.
  • training sessions for commercially-available professional certifications.
  • presentations that discuss a method or content available in a for-profit book or journal.
  • discussions by UX or other consultants about their for-sale methods or research.
  • sales demos, marketing pitches, or solicitations.

While content of this type should not be immediately disallowed, it should be classified into one of two categories: "Commercial Non-Sales" and "Commercial Sales".

Commercial Non-Sales content should be entitled to the same benefits and treatment, and also subjected to the same scrutiny as any other UXPA content. It is important that this content:

  • DOES NOT explicitly promote or sell a tool, method, service, book, or other for-profit item.
  • DOES NOT result in any direct compensation for the presenter or author of the content with the exception of usual and customary payments from the UXPA that are made for content of similar format, e.g., tutorials.
  • DOES provide an inherent value to the UXPA community, whether it be a presentation of research findings or training on a method or tool.
  • DOES show the same methodological rigor and quality of content that any other content accepted by the UXPA would.

On the other hand, Commercial Sales content must be presented without conflict of interest, with full disclosure, and must provide a tangible benefit to the organization. It is important that this content:

  • IS completely free to UXPA members or UXPA conference attendees.
  • IS clearly marked as commercial sales content in the conference program, article header, or through another appropriate annotation.
  • DOES NOT result in any direct compensation to the presenters or the companies they represent.
  • DOES NOT conflict with or supersede "non-commercial" content.
  • COULD result in the presenter or the company they represent paying UXPA for the right to present the content, up to the discretion of the UXPA committee evaluating the content for inclusion.


If you need more information or have questions, please contact

Director of Vendor Service

Nicole A. Tafoya

UXPA Headquarters
Phone: +1-630-980-4997  (Monday- Friday 8am - 5pm CT)
Fax: +1-630-351-8490
Email: office@uxpa.org

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