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About UPA: Logos

Using the UPA Logo

This page contains sample files and guidelines for the use of the UPA logo and name. It is intended for use by all chapters and committees working on UPA projects, and applies to all public and internal documents or web sites.

Any other use, especially commercial use, must be approved by the UPA office or board of directors. If you have questions about these guidelines or files, please contact the UPA office for clarification.

For use of the logo by an individual member, please see: UPA Member Logos

General Guidelines


  • The UPA color block logo is normally shown against a white background
  • As an alternative, it may be shown against one of the standard UPA colors, such as the dark purple or very light green.
  • It should not be shown against other colors.

The UPA logotype is Verdana

  • Arial may be used as a substitute, but is not preferred
  • The abbreviation (upa) should be in lower case letters when it is part of a logo

The UPA logo may be used in variety of layouts:

  • The blocks may be used alone. This example would be for situations where the organization is clearly identified and including the name would be redundant.
  • When the name is used with the blocks, it may be placed above or below the line. Typically, it is above the line when no other text is included in the logo area, below the line when the "upa" is the only text associated with the blocks
  • When a chapter name is combined with the UPA name in the "blocks and line" logo, either one can go on top to make the best visual appearance and to create a name that reads in a natural way

UPA Colors


Color chart showing the UPA logo colors

The UPA logo colors are shown in the image on the left. There are three sets of the colors:

  1. The original, full color version, used for print or any situation where there are no color restrictions
  2. A "close approximation" that can be used for web sites or other online uses where it is not necessary to restrict the colors to the web-safe palette. This set uses web-safe colors when possible, but creates a "near-web-safe" color for any that do not have a good match
  3. A completely web safe version.

The colors for the new web site design headers are also shown.

In most browsers, you can right-click on the image to download it. It can then be used as a "color picker" in a paint program.

Logo Files

UPA logo - 150 x 100 pixels


Sample logo file with the web URL
150 x 100 pixels

UPA logo 300 x 200 pixels


Sample logo file with the web URL
300 x 200 pixels
15 K - JPEG

UPA logo with the name under the line


Sample logo file with the logotype under the line
150 x 100 pixels
11 K - JPEG

(no preview)

269K - EPS

31K - TIFF

High resolution images of the blocks

(no preview)



File with blocks, line and name. Good starter file for customization.

102K - Photoshop 5 (Windows)


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