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Gamifying the User Experience... User Experience (UX) Magazine 10.4

(Bloomingdale, IL: Nov. 1, 2011) – The widespread interest in online games is the theme behind this special issue of UX Magazine guest-edited by Pascal Rettig.

  • True stories of game design and testing include a case study by the Sesame Workshop team, the return to text-based games required by new social media, and a comparison of different user experiences in games for non-gamers.
  • Implications of emerging technologies are covered in a survey of multi-screen games using the controllers we call mobile phones and an explanation of the use of biometrics for insights into the player experience.
  • USC’s famous film school now has an official video gaming curriculum, discussed in this issue by one of the instructors.
  • How to apply techniques learned from successful game design in other applications is covered in stories about controlling your email inbox, game characteristics for social impact, and making the onboarding process painless.

There’s also an “On the Edge” column by Aaron Marcus about games and big business, and a book review by Chelsey Glasson on Louis Rosenfeld’s “Search Analytics for Your Site.”


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