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UPA Recognizes Volunteer Leaders: Richard Bellaver, Keith Instone, UPA China Chapter

(June 14, 2006 - Broomfield, Colorado) The Usability Professionals’ Association (UPA) honored individual and chapter achievements at the opening of the Annual Conference in Broomfield, Colorado, U.S. today. Three awards were presented to recognize:

  • Professionals who donate their time and expertise to industry projects, making a public statement about the value of that work, and
  • Chapters, which work to build local communities for professionals and support awareness of usability in area businesses.

This year, the UPA Board of Directors selected two individuals and one chapter to recognize for their contributions to UPA and its work in supporting usability professionals and in advocating for usability.

Chapter Award

This award recognizes chapters for sustained exceptional activities. Whether they have held a new conference, shown significant growth in UPA members in their area, or starting a new collaborative initiative, the work of chapters in creating local visibility for UPA cannot be underestimated.

For 2006, UPA recognized the UPA China Chapter

UPA China has sustained rapid growth as a chapter in its first two years, with local meeting groups in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou and Hong Kong. The chapter also created an annual conference, “User Friendly,” which attracted over 200 professionals from across China and the region in 2005

Usability Service Award

UPA thrives on the work of “unsung heroes” who put in extra effort to start, revitalize and sustain UPA activities. They often devote extraordinary effort, beyond normal volunteer work, whether on a specific project or in a general sustained effort.

This year, we honor two people for their work as “unsung heroes” in supporting UPA activities.

Keith Instone was a tireless member of the World Usability Day 2005 committee. His leadership in creating WorldUsabilityDay.net, which brought people from many different user-experience communities together to help create the first World Usability Day; and his innovative work on the official WorldUsabilityDay.org web site contributed in many ways to the success of this inaugural event.

Richard Bellaver established the UPA Ethics Advisory Committee, and lead the effort to create the Code of Professional Conduct for UPA. This international code provides a strong foundation for guiding the work of professionals practicing usability around the world.

The Usability Professionals' Association is an international, non-profit, professional association with more than 2000 members in the US and 35 other countries. Members are specialists in evaluating and designing products that are easy to learn and use. The organization provides its members with a wide variety of professional services. Through outreach the UPA:

  • Shares information about the skills and approach of usability professionals in meeting needs for usable products.
  • Acts as an advocate for usability in consumer, corporate and governmental software, products and web sites.
  • Educates the general public about the usability.

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